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I am using JBoss Drools verifier to verify rule files.


In the rule file, I uses some of the custom evaluators like the below

KnowledgeBuilderConfiguration builderConf = KnowledgeBuilderFactory.newKnowledgeBuilderConfiguration();

            builderConf.setOption(EvaluatorOption.get("int", (EvaluatorDefinition) Class.forName("com.company.evaluators.IntEvaluatorDefinition").newInstance()));

The rule Verifier does not understand these custom evaluators and throw errors. Is there any simple way to pass these custom evaluators information to the verifier ? I am using the following code -

 verifier.addResourcesToVerify(ResourceFactory.newInputStreamResource (in),


    //Get the Verifier errors   
    List<VerifierError> errors = verifier.getErrors();

    if ( errors.size() > 0 ) {
        System.out.println("####### Verifier Errors #############");
        for (VerifierError error : errors) {
    }else {
        // Get the result object [5]
        VerifierReport result = verifier.getResult();

        // Print the the errors [6]
        for(VerifierMessageBase base: result.getBySeverity( Severity.ERROR ) ){
            System.out.println( base );
        for(VerifierMessageBase base: result.getBySeverity( Severity.NOTE) ){
            System.out.println( base );
        for(VerifierMessageBase base: result.getBySeverity( Severity.WARNING) ){
            System.out.println( base );
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Sounds like I need to add support for them. Thanks for reporting. issues.jboss.org/browse/JBRULES-3419 –  Toni Rikkola Mar 10 '12 at 9:06

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Not sure if it is the best way, but try setting them as system properties:

drools.evaluator.<ident> = <qualified class>

E.g., when executing the verifier, use in the command line

java -Ddrools.evaluator.int=com.company.evaluators.IntEvaluatorDefinition ...
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