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I have a radio button in my form using the following code

echo $form->input('', array(
 'type' => 'radio',
 'label' => array('text' => __("form_vote", "true"), 'class' => 'vote'),
 'options' => array('1' => 'a', '2' => 'b', '3' => 'c' ),

This is my model validation for vote

  'vote' => array(
        'rule' => 'inList', array(1,2,3), 
        'allowEmpty' => false,
        'required' => true,
        'message' => 'error_vote'

Problem is that it adds a * right next to the a, b and c choices. Here is a screengrab on what it looks like with the stars on all three choices. I'd like the star to only be displayed on the label 'Vote'

Here is the html output

 <div class="input radio required"><fieldset><legend>Vote</legend><input type="hidden" value="" id="UserVote_" name="data[User][vote]">
 <input type="radio" value="1" id="UserVote1" name="data[User][vote]">
 <label for="UserVote1">a<span class="red">*</span></label>
 <input type="radio" value="2" id="UserVote2" name="data[User][vote]">
 <label for="UserVote2">b<span class="red">*</span></label>
 <input type="radio" value="3" id="UsertVote3" name="data[User][vote]">
 <label for="Vote3">c<span class="red">*</span></label></fieldset></div>
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This is actually caused by CSS - from the default Cake stylesheet. form .required label:after { color: #e32; content: '*'; display:inline; } If you can post the HTML output, it will be easy to identify what classes/CSS need to be adjusted. – Ross Feb 21 '12 at 17:02
I've added the html output.. – gerl Feb 21 '12 at 20:01
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Have an attribute called legend with a name to group all radio

echo $form->input('', array(
 'type' => 'radio',
 'legend' => 'Vote*',
 'class' => 'vote',
 'options' => array('1' => 'a', '2' => 'b', '3' => 'c' ),
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that worked! thank you – gerl Feb 22 '12 at 15:53
Perfect!, I did the test in cakephp 2.0 but also works for 1.3 – del_dan Feb 22 '12 at 19:17

I don't prefer using legends so I added a label before the radio list:

<?php echo $this->Form->label('radioname', __('Label:', true), 'required'); ?>

Then adjusted the css for the new label and the radio button labels:

label.required:after {
  color: #e32;
  content: '*';

.radio label{
.radio label:after{
  display:none !important;
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