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I am making a small app for a tablet, something like a display sign.

I have a few text elements that are center aligned in the display sign. When I tap on it, it gets converted to editText. I want the edit text in such a way that the text in it is center aligned and content wrapped. But when i input something, editText expands both ways, keeping the text aligned to the center. I want to do the same thing with right aligned text elements (only difference is that the edit text would expand only towards the left).

When i am trying to do this right now it expands towards the left.This is my code for laying out the edit Text element

tempView=new EditText(this);
((EditText) tempView).setTextSize(shrinkedFontSize);
((EditText) tempView).setTypeface(tf);
((EditText) tempView).setText(tempInput.getText());     
((EditText) tempView).setGravity(Gravity.CENTER);
layout.addView(tempView, tempParams);

I am setting the width of the layout as Wrap_content in the layout parameters. I have also specified the x and y in my layout parameters for the top left corner of the edit text.

Is there any way to achieve this ?

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This should resolve your problem :

EditText t = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.text);

... in xml :


it makes the EditText inputField entered text centered horizontally

you can change the layout_width from fill_parent to 150 dp or any other size, but not wrap_content. The text will be centered horizontally.

set the t.setGravity(Gravity.RIGHT); or LEFT, that makes entered text left or right alignement.

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