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I went through all the related questions and could not find the answer, i went through the docs as well and tried all that i could, its my first time, hence having a hard time. I have a simple django polls app with proper settings and static files, working locally.

As mentioned in the title i am trying to use django on a newly bought VPS, with nginx and gunicorn, i am using virtualenv as well.

Here is my folder structure on the server: logs pid projhome scripts

inside the projhome i have the following directories: bin djangopolls include lib local

as already mentioned parallel to the projhome folder i have scripts folder, with the following content:

source /home/django/projhq/bin/activate
kill `cat /home/username/pid/`
gunicorn_django -c /home/username/projhome/djangopolls/

Now to start the server i need to go to the scripts folder and run the start script, i do that without any error, but when i check the IP i get 504 error.

Where am i wrong???

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Your nginx config mentions a /home/django/projhq/djpolls directory, but according to the info above it's /home/django/projhq/djangopolls. – Malcolm Box Feb 22 '12 at 12:21
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you might first want to cd into the directory where file is placed and then run gunicorn, so you can update your to first cd into the django project directory.

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