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Using storyboards what is the proper way to dismiss a modal?

  • using IBAction and writing code to dismiss after a button click?
  • using segue and notify the parent view controller after a button click?
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See Here Dismissing a Presented View Controller about halfway down

When it comes time to dismiss a presented view controller, the preferred approach is to let the presenting view controller dismiss it.

So you should use an IBAction and writing code to dismiss after a button click

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"So you should use an IBAction and writing code to dismiss after a button click" Actually is wrong. What Apple is saying is "you need to notify the PARENT view controller which then dismisses the modal." – Lloyd Sargent Jun 15 at 0:26

See my answer here. It gives you two ways to dismiss the modal view controller with storyboard. I like method two described because one you add the class in your project your return from modal views can be done with no code using storyboard alone. That said, if you have implemented a delegate and delegate protocol, it is also a good place to put the dismissModalViewController statement.

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I've found that usually when I'm attempting to do this in storyboard I'd rather not create extra classes. It still makes sense to perform the dismiss from the presenting view controller, so that requires a class to back it.

If you create an IBAction in the presenting view controller and name it appropriately e.g.

- (IBAction)dismissAnyModel:(id)sender
    [self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil];

Then from storyboard wherever you want to trigger the dismiss from you create an action to the first responder as shown below. You can extend this to work with multiple presenting view controllers by creating unique names for the IBActions.

Create an outlet to first responder

Select correct IBAction

More information on first responder and the responder chain

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As the Apple online documentation indicates, the presenting view controller is responsible for dismissing the modal (presented) view.

There's a post and example available here

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This is the correct way of handling because it also allows the child to send data back to the parent. – Lloyd Sargent Jun 15 at 0:27

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