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I already have a .tm_properties file that includes these lines:

excludeInFileChooser = "{$excludeInFileChooser,log,vendor,tmp,META-INF,.svn}"
excludeInBrowser = "{$excludeInBrowser,log,vendor,tmp,META-INF,.svn}"
excludeInFolderSearch = "{$excludeInFolderSearch,log,vendor,tmp,META-INF,.svn}"

Specifically, I don't want to see the META-INF and .svn folders.

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I can't see anything wrong with what you've got and .svn should be hidden by default so it might be worth checking you've not got "Show Hidden Items" checked in the File Browser gear menu.

As an added tip, if you want to exclude from everywhere it's generally easier to just use exclude instead of the three separate commands.

exclude = '{$exclude,log,vendor,tmp,META-INF,.svn}'

It's also worth checking that you've not done anything in your home folders .tm_properties file that is breaking a project specific .tm_properties file

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I see an option excludeDirectoriesInBrowser in my .tm_properties. I think you can use this one.

Also a more detailed list and explanation of properties that can be used in .tm_properties here:


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Thanks Jake. I added these two variations of the property but had no different result, even after restarting TM2: excludeDirectoriesInBrowser = "{$excludeInFolderSearch,log,vendor,tmp,META-INF,.svn}" excludeDirectoriesInBrowser = "{META-INF,.svn}"` –  BillSaysThis Feb 21 '12 at 21:46

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