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I'm trying to get Artifactory (OSS version) up-and-running for the first time and have successfully created a repo and deployed an artifact (joda-time-2.0) to it as a test.

But when it comes to the Ivy module descriptors (XML files), I'm a little confused:

  • What should I name the XML files? The default artifact pattern I'm using is [org]/[module]/[baseRev](-[folderItegRev])/[type]s/[module](-[classifier])-[baseRev](-[fileItegRev]).[ext] which prompted Artifactory to store my joda JAR to myRepo/joda-time/joda-time/2.0; the module pattern is [org]/[module]/[baseRev](-[folderItegRev])/[type]s/ivy-[baseRev](-[fileItegRev]).xml, so should my descriptor be named ivy-2.0.xml?
  • Shouldn't Artifactory have stored joda-time-2.0.jar under myRepo/joda/joda-time/2.0/? Since joda is the org, not joda-time? How do I change this?
  • How do I upload the Ivy file into the repo? If I name the file ivy-2.0.xml then how will Artifactory know to place it in the JODA directory?

Thanks in advance!

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You can select various layout (inc. predefined ones) when configuring your repository in Arifactory. Read more about it here. I'd strongly recommend using Maven2 layout even when working with Ivy, it will allow build tools interoperability and using Artifactory more efficently, e.g. GAVC search works only for repositories with Maven2 layout. The m2 layout works perfect with Ivy.

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