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I have two date pickers. A startdate and an enddate.

The way I have the code set up is that the second datepicker won't be initiated until the first one has been changed. The enddate datepicker is initialized with the current date on startdate. The only problem is that if you change the time on the first datepicker it doesn't refresh the mindate on enddate.

   $( "#startdate" ).datepicker({ minDate: currentTime });

        //When the startdate changes change the mindate for the enddate picker
        $( "#startdate" ).change(function (){
             startTime = ($("#startdate").val());
            $("#enddate").datepicker({ minDate: startTime });


       //$( "#enddate" ).datepicker({ minDate: currentTime });
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You will need to use the option method as described in the documentation ( to update the minDate option of an already initialized widget:

$( "#startdate, #enddate" ).datepicker({ minDate: currentTime });

$('#startdate').change(function () {
    var startTime = ($("#startdate").val());
    $("#enddate").datepicker('option', 'minDate', startTime);

Notice I put a var statement in-front of the startTime variable so it will be declared in the local scope of the event handler. Also both Datepickers get initialized strait-off and then the #enddate widget gets an updated minDate option each time the #startdate element is changed.

Here is a demo:

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+1 for fiddle illustration – Devjosh Feb 21 '12 at 18:35
Works great thank you! +1 – David Allen Feb 21 '12 at 19:55

EDIT: Try using the refresh() function on datepicker:

$( "#startdate" ).change(function (){
    startTime = ($("#startdate").val());
    $("#enddate").datepicker({ minDate: startTime });



You will probably want to set the end date datepicker to a variable so you can destroy and re-initialize it when the start date changes.

$( "#startdate" ).change(function (){
    startTime = ($("#startdate").val());
    if($("#enddate").datepicker("enabled")) {
          endDatePicker.datepicker( "destroy" );
    var endDatePicker = $("#enddate").datepicker({ minDate: startTime });

share|improve this answer -- All jQuery UI widgets have the ability to update options on-the-fly. There is generally an option method that can be used. – Jasper Feb 21 '12 at 18:33

Use datepicker's onSelect event instead of change event of textbox. In this event you get the selected date as the first argument which you can use to set as minDate of enddate datapicker.

$( "#startdate" ).datepicker({ 
    minDate: currentTime,
    onSelect: function(date){

        //if the datepicker is not initialized
        $("#enddate").datepicker({ minDate: date });

        //if the datepicker is already initialized
        $("#enddate").datepicker("option", "minDate", date);



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