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I Am trying to build play with API code from Amazon -- I am a noob at this --

I have created a product search using the simple lookup code, and have gone though and set the search field form a form submission works fine, how ever I don't want to set a category Like I am currently below to say DVD, BABY MUSIC, I wish to set to ALL is this possible?


$obj = new AmazonProductAPI(); -- I have edited this and added ALL as a category in here  

    $result = $obj->searchProducts($query,
                                   AmazonProductAPI::BABY, -- I can change this to DVD or MUSIC and it works but if i set to ALL i get errors?
                                   "TITLE"); - tryed changing this to KEYWORD doesnt work!
catch(Exception $e)

Any Help Would Be nice.

Thanks Carl

OK --- updated -- ANd I belive I have to use KEYWORD when USING ALL so I have added this in

case "KEYWORD" :  $parameters = array("Operation"     => "ItemSearch",
                                                    "Title"         => $search,
                                                    "SearchIndex"   => $category,
                                                    "ResponseGroup" => "Small",
                                                    "MerchantId" => "All",
                                                        'Keywords' => $searchTerm);

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /data/ADMINwhere2shoponline/www/include/amazon.php on line 23 still get this error? carl

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Carl, You should be able to use ALL as the search parameter, but you need to make sure that the number of ItemPage you are requesting is not more than 5 or it will return an error. All other categories allow up to 10, but ALL is limited to 5.

Check that and see if you yet your problem resolved.

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OK -- thats a bit poor but ok - is there one that isnt resticted do you know? On another note I can't find the parameter ItemPage anywhere, from what I can see I have 2 includes Amazon_api_class and aws_signed_request which as far as I can see no numbers are set or find that variable? Maybe I need to set-it? Carl thanks –  carl101lee Feb 24 '12 at 10:16

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