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Suppose I am writing a word "abc" in my GestureOverlayView and while doing so I need to save all those alphabets in the screen until I press a clear button.Can anyone tell me a good way to do this.. I will write "a" which is taken as a gesture (not as stroke) i.e One thing I though of was like use a ImageView or SurfaceView on bottom of a GestureOverLayView.and Suppose when I draw "a" on GestureOverLayView then in the "onGesturePerformed" event it will take the Gesture and then get the strokes and then convert them into paths and then draw the paths onto the underlying ImageView or SurfaceView.Can anyone suggest me the code or guide me.I tried various combinations of them but couldn't solve it..

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There's an app called GestureBuilder in the samples directory of the SDK. This app shows how to persist gestures drawn by the user.

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No it always goes empty whenever I start drawing a new gesture again –  Debarshi Dutta Feb 22 '12 at 12:11

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