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Is it possible to use Mini-Profiler with Simple.Data Library? I use it to get data from MySql like this:

var db = Database.OpenConnection(ConnectionString);
var book = db.Books.FindById(id);

How can I user Profiler with this code?

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You can tell Simple.Data to use a pre-existing connections and wrap your connection with a profiled connection:

var db = Database.OpenConnection(ConnectionString);
using (var rawCnn =  new MySqlConnection(ConnectionString)) 
using (var profiledCnn = new MvcMiniProfiler.Data.ProfiledDbConnection(rawCnn, MiniProfiler.Current);
    book = db.Books.FindById(id);
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There is a new hook that was added to Simple.Data which allows for better integration with MiniProfiler.

AdoAdapter.ConnectionCreated += (o, args) => args.OverrideConnection(new ProfiledDbConnection((DbConnection)args.Connection, MiniProfiler.Current));

This basicallt allows you to hookup to the connection created event and override it with your own profiled connection.

NOTE: As of writing of this post, this change isn't in the nuget package yet. so you need your custom build of Simple.Data

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