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I got a problem on this link: Videomarathon

On the right side, I'm showing recent posts,and have changed the text to "Se tidligere års jury".. My problem is that the page doesn't show the danish letter "å"

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The problem is that the character isn't encoded correctly, so in your html, you should do something like this:

& aring;rs jury

remove the space between the & and the a.

I can see that you're also using cufon on the site, so you might need to re-download the font pack include (in the include the following glyphs section) any special danish characters as glyphs, or include a set of glyphs that contain the danish characters.

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it doesn't work with the & aring; removed the javascript that made the cufon. thanks. –  Kong Arthur Quardon Feb 22 '12 at 8:23

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