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I'm using an HTML PayPal button together with IPN to achieve a direct payment on my PHP website. The IPN URL is correctly pinged but I need a way to identify the transaction, because I need to update it on my local database during the IPN call.

So my question is : is there a simple way to send a token / identifier from the HTML button and get it back on the IPN call, so that I retrieve the transaction?

If no, I guess I'll have to use the API but the code samples I found on the PayPal website confused me. I need the payment to offer both Paypal / Credit Card options to the user once he lands on the PayPal payment page. This is what they call a "Direct Payment" but is there any clear Direct Payment code samples I can use somewhere?


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I used the simple form to redirect customers to paypal. In this form i have a hidden input <input type="hidden" name="invoice" value="myCustomInvoiceId" />.

After the customer finished his payment, paypal will do the IPN call including invoice=myCustomInvoiceId. So yes. There are plenty of variables more that paypal can include in their IPN call. See this link for further reading.

if i remember correctly, you can chose which variables to include in the IPN call in your merchant paypal account.

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