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New to Android Python scriptring comming from Symbian PyS60. I want to port my gps info PyS60 app to Android sl4a Python. I can get the location but that is about all. From API docs and Java examples it would seem that something like: import android.location.LocationManager as lm satus = lm.getGpsStatus() would do the trick but I am getting nowhere. Please help me on track (cython perhaps???) Thanks, Janwillem

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a short example of python code using the GPS:

import android, string, time
droid = android.Android()
l = droid.readLocation()

I found this in the tutorial page of sl4a http://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/wiki/Tutorials one of them is called: "Track where you go! Lua sample and python scripts to track your location."

the complete doc is in LocationFacade Here: http://www.mithril.com.au/android/doc/

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