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I have the user enter in 2 numbers (a, b). It will subtract b from a to get c. (c=a-b). When c has a value, I want the user to be able to change the value of b and it will subtract from the new total of c. For example user enters 10 for a 2 for b it will return 8 (for c) Then the user can change b to 5 and will subtract from c. so it will give a new total of 3. and will continue subtracting when the user clicks the button.

What I did so far: I set up the onclicklistener to grab the string from a and b and did the subtraction. However, I dont know how to pass the new total (in the case c) out of the onclicklistener and back through to be subtracted from b.

I am fairly new to android so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm sorry I dont have my code, I'm at work at the moment :)

Thank you!!

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You can probably just keep track of of the value in the OnClickListener.

View.OnClickListener myListener = new View.OnClickListener() {
    double c;

    // in case you need to use C elsewhere
    public double getC() {
        return c;

    public void onClick(View v) {
        // get A and B values
        // then use either
        c = a - b;
        // or I guess use 
        c = c - b;


Then when you need C, just call myListener.getC();.

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Declare the variable c in such a scope that you can refer to it inside the onClickListener.

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