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How should I do to get the scrolling direction using onScrollStart and not onScrollEnd?

For now, here is the code I found for onScrollEnd :

var current_page = 1; 
var old_page = 0; 

funnction load() {
    myScrollH = new iScroll('wrapper', {
        onScrollEnd: function () {
            current_page = this.currPageX+1 
            if(old_page<current_page) { 
            else if (old_page>current_page) { 


If someone has the answer... Tchuss ! V.

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During onScrollStart, the event Scroll is not fired. So its not possible (i think) to implement the same.

Only on onScrollEnd, the Scroll Event is fired which has the direction.

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Can you Tell me why you need it on start event? –  Vijay Sarin Mar 15 '12 at 7:18

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