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Quoting a book I am currently reading:

flow stores objects for the scope of the flow, removing them when the flow reaches an end state

I would like to know if the objects are removed just before launching the end state or after executing/returning from the state ?

Secondly, do the information from GSP <g:form>s get automatically stored in the flow map? If so, can I reference those values in the GSP to set the existing values to the appropriate <input>s?

All this leads to one final question - can I collect user input at many stages (views) and process them only in one, final stage?

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1: Not sure, shouldn't be hard to test :)

2: According to documentation:

[Grails] Merges objects from the flow and conversation scopes into the view model before rendering (so you shouldn't include a scope prefix when referencing these objects within a view, e.g. GSP pages).

3: Yes, you can collect user input at many stages and save it in one state

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AFAIK, the data I enter in a HTML form gets put in params map, not flow. So unless I process it right away - it gets lots. Correct me if I'm wrong. –  Queequeg Feb 22 '12 at 8:13

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