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I am getting 'Resource cannot be found' error with the following URL Response.Redirect. If I use Response.Redirect("~/Orders/ViewOrders.aspx"), it works fine. What could be wrong? Thanks for any suggestions.

Here is the output of the URL string.


Here is my code.

string url = string.Format("~/Orders/ViewOrders.aspx?url='{0}'", editItem.Cells[14].Text); Response.Redirect(url);

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You need to encode the querystring

string url = string.Format("~/Orders/ViewOrders.aspx?url={0}"
  , Server.UrlEncode(editItem.Cells[14].Text)); 

Also, I do not think you should have those single quotes. I removed them.

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Thanks. Server.UrlEncode did the trick. –  nav100 Feb 21 '12 at 20:56

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