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HI ,

Am automating a website, when tried to login its dispalying one security alert pop up. Wanted to click "Yes" of that pop up,Can anyone give the solution for this.

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There are two ways to handle this, add a dialog handler at the start of the test or add one explicitly when you need it. Here is how you add one at the start that runs is a seperate thread.

IE ie = new IE();
ie.AddDialogHandler( new SecurityDialoghandLer() .. or the appropriate dialog handler ...);

The rest of your test ...
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I had a mix of security warnings and certificate warnings every time the server got new code. This works for me:

browser.AddDialogHandler(new DialogHandlerHelper());
browser.AddDialogHandler(new SecurityAlertDialogHandler());
if (browser.Element("expertContentHeading").Exists)
    int Handle = browser.hWnd.ToInt32();
    object BT = true;
    WshShell WSH = new WshShell();
    WSH.SendKeys("{TAB}", ref BT);
    WSH.SendKeys("{TAB}", ref BT);
    WSH.SendKeys("{TAB}", ref BT);
    WSH.SendKeys("{TAB}", ref BT);
    WSH.SendKeys("{ENTER}", ref BT);

if (browser.Links.Exists("overridelink"))
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