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I have written a piece of code in matlab that resizes images to a certain size (without distorting them), and applies padding when necessary.

However, the padding is black, and i would like it to be transparent. I don't know how to do this. This is the code i have:

% global variables
inputFolder = 'input/images/';
outputFolder = 'input/resized/';
extension = 'jpg';
x = 1000;
y = 1000;

% list all the files in the input folder
fileList = dir([inputFolder '*.' extension]); 

% loop through all the files in the input folder, resize, pad and save
for i=1:length(fileList)
    % get filename and load image
    fname = fileList(i).name;
    container = imread([inputFolder fname]);

    % calculate local variables
    containerY = size(container,1);
    containerX = size(container,2);
    containerProp = containerX / containerY;
    canvasProp = x / y;

    % determine proportions, apply padding and resize
    if containerProp < canvasProp
        container = imresize(container, [y NaN]);
        containerX = size(container,2);
        container = padarray(container, [0 floor((x - containerX)/2)], 0, 'pre');
        containerX = size(container,2);
        container = padarray(container, [0 (x - containerX)], 0, 'post');
    elseif containerProp == canvasProp
        container = imresize(container, [y x]);
        container = imresize(container, [NaN x]);
        containerY = size(container,1);
        container = padarray(container, [floor((y - containerY)/2) 0], 0, 'pre');
        containerY = size(container,1);
        container = padarray(container, [(y - containerY) 0], 0, 'post');

    % save resized image
    imwrite(container, [outputFolder fname]);

Does anyone know how to change the padding from black to transparent?

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sorry, code highlighting for matlab code doesn't really work – user1218247 Feb 21 '12 at 21:16
The first problem is that jpeg does not have a transparency channel. – user1071136 Feb 21 '12 at 21:38
@user1071136, i know, but i'm going to save as a .png, so any transparent pixels i add will be saved. – user1218247 Feb 21 '12 at 21:42
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Transparency is achieved through the use of an Alpha channel; your image is composed of pixels, each composed of a Red value, a Green value, a Blue value, and a transparency (=Alpha) value.

You can specify your alpha channel when writing a file,

imwrite(Image, 'filename.png', 'Alpha', AlphaMatrix)

where Image is a R x C x 3 array, and AlphaMatrix is a R x C matrix. (R and C are the image dimensions) Image contains RGB values, while AlphaMatrix contains the Alpha values.

Enough of explanations - here's an example. You need a jpg file; this will write a png file with a gradient transparency. That is, it will be completely transparent on the left, and completely opaque on the right.

I = imread('a.jpg');

imwrite(I, 'a.png', 'Alpha', ...
    repmat((1:size(I,2))/size(I,2), [size(I, 1) 1]));

In your case, you only have to fill the opaque parts with the value 1, and the transparent values with 0. Note the data-type of your array - if it is uint8 or uint16, all values must be in the range [0..255]. If it is double, it should be in the range [0..1].

One way to do so is to

  1. After imresize, convert container to double: container = double(container);.
  2. padarray with NaN: padarray(container, [0 floor(...)], nan, 'pre');
  3. Fill an alpha channel with 0 wherever container has NaN, otherwise 1 :

    alpha = uint8(ones(size(container)));
    alpha(isnan(container)) = 0;
  4. Fix container to be uint8 and not contain NaNs:

     container(isnan(container(:,:,1))) = 0;
     container = uint8(container);

(hopefully somebody can come up with a prettier solution...)

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+1 for listing all the gotchas - different behaviour of image functions when presented with int and double arguments, wut? – Li-aung Yip Feb 22 '12 at 1:36
+1 thanks for the clear answer! – user1218247 Feb 22 '12 at 10:16
Last edit fixed 4 (otherwise you get dimensions mismatch) – user1071136 Feb 22 '12 at 10:45

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