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I found a very useful Doctrine function to set an attribute on a table for getting the database IDs also as keys in the resulting Doctrine_Collection. This function is documented here:

Now the question. I cannot use the table object itself, because I need to create a dynamic query on the table (and not the magic finders as in the example).

I tried this code:

$doctrineTable = Doctrine_Core::getTable($table);
$doctrineTable->setAttribute(Doctrine_Core::ATTR_COLL_KEY, "id");
$q = $doctrineTable->createQuery("t");
foreach ($filter as $c => $v) // lopp thru coumns
    if (is_array($v)) // use whereIn if value is an array
        $q->andWhereIn("t." . $c, $v);
    elseif (is_null($v)) // use is null for null values
        $q->andWhere("t." . $c . " IS NULL");
    else // use where in other cases
        $q->andWhere("t." . $c . "=?", $v);
return $q->fetchAll();

Unfortunately the resulting collection is still not using an associative array, but a normal one just using keys from 0 up.

Anybody has an idea how to achieve that for a query on a single table?

Cheers, Daniel

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You are looking for the INDEXBY keyword.

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thanks for your help! –  Daniel Suranyi Feb 23 '12 at 20:27

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