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In my app, I've got a menu which pops up when the user hits the "Menu" physical button. It's going mighty-fine except for the fact that Eclipse isn't recognizing one of the drawables that is built into the Android.jar package. If you look and see, "ic_menu_refresh" is built into the supplied Android.jar when you create an Android Project. I'm using the following code to use the particular icon:


Eclipse gives me an error stating the following:

error: Error: Resource is not public. (at 'icon' with value '@android:drawable/ic_menu_refresh').   
/Yeousch/res/layout line 3  
Android AAPT Problem

I can clearly see the resource but Eclipse seems to ignore it. Any solutions?

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Did you clean the project and try? – Nambari Feb 21 '12 at 21:45
I had the same problem. It appears that you aren't allowed to use some of the built-in graphics for some weird reason. – m1ntf4n Feb 21 '12 at 21:45

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The compile error is informing you the resource you want is not public, not for applications to use. According to applications should provide their own copies of these drawable resources.

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