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I have a small grails service that I created, and I am trying to use the type:'text' on a member of a model. I always see this field come up as a varchar(255) however, even though I have dropped the database and had it recreated.

I essentially have:

class eventParameter{
    static belongsTo = [logEvent:LogEvent]
    String name
    String value

    static constraints = {
        name blank:false
        value blank:false
    static mapping = {
        value type:'text'

Does anyone have any idea why this does not create the right type of column?

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To override the underlying database type, use the sqlType mapping. For example:

static mapping = {
    value sqlType:'text'

Also, check out the relevant section of the Grails Manual: Custom Hibernate Types

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This should work like you say, and I had tried it as well before posting. I tried again, and I still end up with varchar(255) instead of text for the column. – spowers Feb 23 '12 at 16:35
What database are you using? What does the generated target/ddl.sql look like when you run grails schemaExport? – ataylor Feb 23 '12 at 16:47

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