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I have found many pagination coding for jQuery plugin. Everything is working fine. But my need is, i have 20 records in table.I want to display only one records at a time with First - Previous - Next - Last . when i enter particular Records Id like '15', It should show that details of 15 , and if i click next it show next Records Id..etc.

For eg.,

Rec Id : 15

First Name : Gnaniyar

Last Name : Zubair

First Previous Next Last

If i give record Id 10, it should show details of 10 th Record id ...and so on..

How to do in jQuery?

  • Gnaniyar Zubair
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It's hard to answer that question without seeing how you have tried to do it. As you say there are many pagination techniques, could you post a bit of you code to give us an idea of how to help. – Mark Dickinson Jun 2 '09 at 9:10
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Use the traversing functions to access the current selection's neighbours and search the elements that you are using to display your records. You can use the effects functions to animate the elements in and out. You should bind events to the links (back, forward etc.)

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