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I'm a 3D technical artist, using pyqt in Maya, a bit of a novice with pyqt.

I have 2 pyqt UI files created in Designer, and I load them into Maya with uic.loadUiType()

I want to assign the 2nd UI file as a child of a tab in the first UI. I do that with .setParent().

It works fine, except that it doesn't seem to be using the minExpanding to expand within the tab, instead it just acts as if its a fixed size, though I have set minExpanding on both the tab widget and the widget that I'm setting as its child.

Any ideas?

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That size policy applies to how it will behave when contained within a layout, so add a layout to the parent and then call addWidget() and pass in the child widget.

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aha!!! so simple.. thanks very much! – dcole Feb 21 '12 at 22:51

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