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I am using cacheSweave with a large LaTeX Sweave document. Rather than put


in almost all of my code chunks, I would rather have cache=true be the default, and use


when I don't want a code chunk to be cached. How can I set this default argument for code chunks?

I am currently using the following code to compile the Sweave document:

Sweave(infile, driver = cacheSweaveDriver)
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for consistency with R, I recommend you to write TRUE/FALSE instead of true/false; as a side note, you can use either opts_chunk$set(cache=TRUE) or \SweaveOpts{cache=TRUE} in the knitr package (, which also supports cache. – Yihui Feb 22 '12 at 1:51

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There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but using \SweaveOpts{} to set the option somewhere early in your *.Snw file (e.g. in the document preamble) is probably the handiest:


As described in the Sweave manual, a \SweaveOpts{} statement anywhere in a documentation chunk will modify the defaults for "all code chunks after the statement".

A couple of other options are mentioned here.

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