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I got with some text entered with tinyMCE in a div class'.category-info'. Text can be splited with hr tag. What I want to do is split the text with jQuery and wrap the second part of the text (after hr tag) into separate div. My code looks like this:

var str = $('.category-info').html();
var splitter = $(str.split('<hr>')[1]).html();
$(splitter).wrap('<div class="news-part" />');

When I alert variable splitter it shows html content (but what's weired without p tag which is right after hr tag) but it's not wrapped into div.

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To wrap all part after hr, I would do something like below,

var str = $('.category-info').html();
str = str.split('<hr>');

$('.category-info').html(str[0] + 
          '<div class="news-part">' + 
             str[1] + 


If I understood correctly, you want to wrap the element after hr with <div class="news-part" />.. Then try below code,

$('.category-info hr').next().wrap('<div class="news-part" />');


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Hi, thanks for reply - the problem is that I want to wrap not one element but all the part of the text after hr tag. This text can contain multiple <p> <span> etc. tags. So that's the problem –  arekk Feb 21 '12 at 22:21
@arekk See my updated post.. –  Vega Feb 21 '12 at 22:25
thanks man, that solved the problem –  arekk Feb 22 '12 at 8:24

This will do what you want...

var str = $('.category-info').html();
var splitter = str.split('<hr>')[1];
$(splitter).wrap('<div class="news-part" />');
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When you use $.wrap(), you should attach it to a selector of the element that you'd like to wrap.

The way I understand your problem, try this:

$('.category-info hr:nth-child(2)').wrap('<div class="news-part" />');
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I had a similar problem which I found a solution to after reading this post. This will split content at an element and wrap everything after the element (up to the next one) with a div:

$('.category-info hr').each(function(){ 
    $(this).nextUntil('hr').wrapAll('<div class="news-part"/>');

This will only work in your case when you have an <hr> element before each item (including one at the start).

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