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I'm executing the following script in my .bat file:

*ren design.csv test.txt
echo ImportSheetType=BOM>test.txt
type test.txt >> design.csv*

However, my text ImportSheetType=BOM always get appended at the end of the design.csv file

How can I add my text line to the .csv file so that it would appear in the first row by itself if I were to open the .csv file in a spreadsheet?

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Your question is a little unclear, but based on the headline , I think you want

 rem examine data.csv
 type data.csv

 echo  ImportSheetType=BOM>fixed.csv
 type data.csv >> fixed.csv

 rem examine fixed file
 type fixed.csv

I've changed the names of the files to be self-documenting, to indicate the purpose they serve in creating your final file. Just follow this pattern, and use the names you really need.

I hope this helps.

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