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How can I install cscope for Mac OS X 10.6? I have installed XCode but I don't see cscope in /opt/local/bin.

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Worked for me code.google.com/p/rudix/downloads/detail?name=cscope-15.7a-3.pkg&can=2&q=label%3‌​AOSX-SnowLeopard –  user1276475 Mar 18 '12 at 3:15

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Download from http://sourceforge.net/ (latest: cscope-15.8a) and in src/constants.h, change this line:

#if (BSD || V9 ) && !__NetBSD__ && !__FreeBSD__


#if (BSD || V9 ) && !__NetBSD__ && !__FreeBSD__ && !__APPLE__

Then run:

make install

You can find cscope in /usr/local/bin/

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I installed cscope on Mac OS X 10.8 using MacPorts: http://www.macports.org/install.php

There is a cscope port that you can install using the instructions. After that, I added /opt/local/bin to the path.

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