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I've been following the tutorials from google app engine for uploading an image

I've set up a simple HTML page for uploading a file using the "file" input type, and the name of the element is "file" The form enctype is multipart/form-data and method is 'post'

Following the example, I would store the image data as a blob and store it with my object

myfile = MyFile() 
myfile.filedata = db.Blob(self.request.get('file')) 
myfile.filename = self.request.get('filename') 

But when I look at what's stored in filedata via datastore viewer, it wasn't binary image data, but instead just

236 bytes, SHA-1 = 63540e4ca6dba45e9ff3553787f7f23d330b7791 

When the image I uploaded is definitely larger than 236 bytes. Should the snippet from above retrieve the entire image and put it in a blob?

It seems like all that's being stored in the blob is the request header.

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Your code looks fine, and that is how a blobproperty appears in the datastore viewer. Do you maybe want to serve that image and see if it is what you expect? –  bernie Feb 21 '12 at 22:48
It looks like all that I'm getting is a HTTP response header (with the correct content-type). The content-length is what I expect, but I'm not getting the actual data. –  MxyL Feb 22 '12 at 1:50
I figured out the problem. I was still using the blobstore handler rather than using webapp.RequestHandler. I guess the request handler properly deals with all sorts of requests. –  MxyL Feb 22 '12 at 5:08

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