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 Cursor findNormalItems = db.query("items", columns, "type=?", 
                                   new String[] { "onSale" });

I want to return the cursor that points anything that are NOT onSale, what should I change? Thanks!

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From the official documentation:

The non-equals operator can be either != or <>

So your code becomes:

Cursor findNormalItems = db.query("items", columns, "type != ?", 
                                  new String[] { "onSale" });   
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In my opinion, != looks more professional - and is more consistent with the = and == operators. – ban-geoengineering Mar 23 at 11:43

You should use in the comparator the non-equal operator: "type!=?" or "type<>?".

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you can use <> operator you will find here all the basic sql statements http://www.firstsql.com/tutor2.htm

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