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Using Xcode 3.2.5. I recently connected a coworkers iPhone to my mac to try to install a test build for him to test. After that, I cannot remove his device from my Xcode Organizer. Removing the device will remove it from the device list, but a few minutes later it comes right back without me doing anything.

From another question I found this plist file, and tried manually removing the corresponding entry from it. This doesn't work either. When the device comes back in the Xcode Organizer, it is also re-populated in this plist file: /Users/kyleh/Library/Preferences/ The entry is under XCKnownRemoteComputers

This is more than just me nit-picking. Sometimes Xcode Organizer will also pop up a warning message when the device is automatically added back. The warning message says "Could not connect to the device." It's a modal dialog box, so I have to click OK in order to continue using the Organizer.

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Perhaps you have device logs in the special sub-folder where XCode keeps them: ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/ Xcode may be having trouble deleting them.

You might also try repairing permissions on your Mac with the Disk Utility.

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There were some logs related to that device, but it doesn't look like deleting them helped. After I tried that, Xcode beeped at me with an error message saying "Could not receive a message from the device." And the device is back in the Organizer window... – mayonaise Feb 22 '12 at 2:26

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