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I'm trying to figure out the best workflow for maintaining a local copy of a github-hosted project (moodle) with customizations, while maintaining the ability to keep our copy up-to-date. Tell me if what I'm thinking about doing is completely insane:

  1. Fork the project ( -->
  2. Create an upstream remote (git remote add upstream git:// && git fetch upstream)
  3. Create a branch for our custom development and keep master pristine.
  4. When we want to update our fork, update the pristine branch (git checkout master && git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master)
  5. Merge master into our customizations branch (git checkout custom && git merge master)

Does this make sense?

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Yes, it makes sense. Although step #4 can be slightly simplified to git checkout master && git pull --ff-only upstream master.

The --ff-only ensures that you don't get any merge commits in your pristine copy.

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Makes sense

... and if you like, compare with bible :

a successful git branching model

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