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I tested on the XDK and appLab, and it's great, but how can i publish this to build a webapp ?

This app is for publicity on to another app. (mini-game) to work with android and ios.

The request is Hype or html5, so i am building this in HTML5 using appMobi. Any tip will be of great help.

If i forgot some information to help you understand, please let me know. Thanks

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You can use the XDK to publish a web application as well as creating a native mobile application. Once you have created the application and tested it on device, you'll click on the "Build For App Store" button.

Build for app store

Next, you'll choose from the website builds. You can select a distribution build where you would receive a bundle that includes all the assets of the application along with a manifest of the files, or you can select a hosted build where appMobi will host your application on the web for you.

Website Builds

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Thank you very much for you reply. i did what you said. i tried the "distribution build as HTML5 webapp" downloaded the file and send in an web page for tests in my iPad2 joobyt.com/webapp The circle should be falling and the accelerometer should be working, as it does on appLab. Any sugestions ?? – Michel Ayres Feb 22 '12 at 19:41
Once you have app.lab installed, please point the browser on your device to: services.appmobi.com/appmobitest/… – Michel Ayres Feb 22 '12 at 21:04
You need to be using it in AppLab or a built app. The web browser does not expose the native functions implemented from AppMobi – user258082 Feb 27 '12 at 21:06

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