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I want to be able to have one set of build/props files that will build as many EAR projects as I tell it to. Each EAR project will have its own set of modules, WARs, JARS, etc. I'm want to set in a props file what each EAR project consists of, and I want to tell the build each time which EAR(s) to build. In general, what is a good way to structure the build/props files? So far, I have one build.xml file and one props file. In the props file, I have an entry for each EAR project, for example:

Foo=fooWar, foojar
Bar=barWar, barJar1, barJar2

Not sure if that's a good idea or not, and I'm thinking how to tell the build which projects to build. Since it could be many projects, I'm thinking I would want another props entry like:

projectsToBuild=Foo, Bar

And then before each build, the build person would edit "projectsToBuild". Is this a good road to go down?

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If you're building multiple projects in one hit, then it sounds like you don't have any proper dependency management in place. Have a look at using Apache Ivy to publish and retrieve from a shared repository (e.g. Artifactory), so that you can decouple your project and build them independently.

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