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I'm very new to Entity Framework, that's my disclaimer! I have a SQL 2008 database with 2 tables, tblModel and tblHairColor. tblModel contains a column named hairID which is a foreign key to the tblHairColor table's primary key of id.

I created the ado.net entity data model and now, following http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd728283.aspx, trying to access my data resources created.

My URL of http://localhost:51157/WcfDataService.svc/tblModels(1)/modelname/$value works great by returning the model's name (of record 1) from the tblModels table. However, when I try to access the hair color via http://localhost:51157/WcfDataService.svc/tblModels(1)/modelname/tblHairColor it does not work, (http 404 not found).

My entity model, generated from my SQL database, created a tblModels navigation property in tblHairColor and a tblHairColor navigation property in tblModel. It also auto generated an association of tblHairColor to tblModel (1 to *). I expected 1 to 1.

My question is what needs to be added/changed to allow this query, http://localhost:51157/WcfDataService.svc/tblModels(1)/modelname/tblHairColor, to return the models hair color?

Thanks in advance for your time. Bob

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modelname should not be used in URL, just navigational property:


If you want both model and haircolor, you should use $expand:

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Thank you. I was trying to just get the HairColor of Model #1, this gives me the both record sets. That helps a lot! – Bob Feb 22 '12 at 0:30
Check these OData URI conventions: odata.org/developers/protocols/uri-conventions – Sergey Sirotkin Feb 22 '12 at 0:34

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