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We keep internal documentation for our projects in Git repositories.

Documentation is written using, mostly, markdown, textile and tex (one document is in one format, of course; there are several multi-file documents).

But for some documents we still use Google Documents service — because it allows team members to review and discuss the document in convenient manner.

I would like to move all documentation to Git, and replace Google Documents with some web-service (installed in the intranet) that would allow team members to comment the documents in their final form. (I.e. a process similar to code review would not work — as it deals with the source form of a document.)

Is there a reusable web-service that would render a document from a Git and allow several people to discuss it a-la Google Documents? (Service should work on Linux.)

Alternatively: please suggest some nice components that would ease my pains writing such service. (Mostly I'm worried about supporting comments in random HTML, all else looks doable with say, pandoc and some git hook magic.)

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For the supporting comments in random HTML part, try COMT. It already supports both markdown and HTML as internal formats. It's available under the GNU Affero GPL version 3. Among other things, It's been used by organizations like Mozilla to discuss license drafts.

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