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I have a page with an image tag. The image displayed by the image tag changes depending on an image selection made on a popup window. The following are the steps to reproduce my issues:

 1. Click button on Main Page and display popup with selectable images
 2. Click any one image in popup to create selection
 3. Click "Associate" button in popup to begin association process
     a. is called to "Associate" selected image to image in Main page
        i. Code in the Controller is run and save the association in the database.
     b. Upon success, the "success" function of the makes a call to an existing javascript function.
        i. This function creates a string in the following format: "{Controller}/{Action}/{PrimaryId}/{SecondaryId}"
        ii. In the function, the "src" of the image in the main page is set to the string created above.
        iii. The change in "src" makes the code in the controller run which in turn returns the specified image.
        iv. The popup is closed

For all practical purposes, the code is working except for the annoying issue that regardless of browser, the image does not refresh upon returning from the Controller via the process described above(during the "Success" function).

One thing to note, is that if steps "b.i" - "b.iv" are run without "" (ie. just retrieving image data without doing an association first) the image gets refreshed every time. The code used is below (redacted - items in curly bracket are place holders)


<div id="divMenuItemMedia">
   <img id="imgMenuItemMedia" alt='someAlt' src='/{Controller}/{Action}/{InitialImageId}' />


<input type="button" id="btnModifyImage" name="btnModifyImage" class="t-button" value="Change Image" onclick="showImageChooser();" />



function GetCurrentMediaItemsByIds(pId, iId) {
        //$('#imgMenuItemMedia').load(function () {
            //alert("Image updated");
       // });
        var imgMedia = document.getElementById("imgMenuItemMedia");
        var sourceUrl = '/{Controller}/{Action}/{pId}/{iId}';
        //$('#imgMenuItemMedia').attr("src", sourceUrl);
        imgMedia.src = sourceUrl;
        InImageSelectionMode = false;

function showImageChooser() {
        var url = '{Controller}/{DataGetterActionForPopup}';
        ShowPopup(url, "#MediaChooserDialog", null);


function associateMediaSelection(e) {
   // The entity name is saved in hidden field in the "Edit" page
   var entityName = document.getElementById("hidEntityName").value;
   var contentPath = entityName + "/Associate" + entityName + "ToMediaItem";
   var url = '{Controller}/{Action}';
   var primaryId = {pId};
   var secondaryId = {sId};
   var entityId = {eId};
   var data = { "entityId" : eId, "primaryId": pId, "secondaryId": sId };

   var jqxhr = $.post(url, data, function (e) {
                GetCurrentMediaItemsByIds(presentationId, document.getElementById("hid" + entityName + "Id").value);

function closeMediaSelection()
            var windowPopup = $("#MediaChooserDialog").data('tWindow');

Anyone have an idea as to what may be preventing the image refresh?

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Im assuming here this is the full, real code. In that case:

var sourceUrl = '/{Controller}/{Action}/{pId}/{iId}';

will be an issue, as this means nothing in javaascript. Yon can insert:

var sourceUrl = '@Url.Action("Action","Controller")'

where Action and Controller are filled in with the names of your controller/action method.

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As I mentioned in the original question, "var sourceUrl = '/{Controller}/{Action}/{pId}/{iId}';" is fake and text inside {} are just placeholders for the real text in my code (needed to obfuscate somthings as to not disclose what my code is about) – fuzzlog Feb 22 '12 at 15:35
Also, "var sourceUrl = '/{Controller}/{Action}/{pId}/{iId}';" is just the output as seen by the client, the actual code does make use of '@Url.Action..' and '@Url.Content....' as needed. – fuzzlog Feb 22 '12 at 15:42
sorry, there was quite a bit of detail to try to keep track of there above – Adam Tuliper - MSFT Feb 22 '12 at 16:59
so "imgMedia.src = sourceUrl;" is where the image seemingly does not get refreshed then, right? If you load up fiddler, do you see this getting called or if you set breakpoints, is this code actually hit? Does fiddler show a valid image being returned? If I understand correctly, if you set this via a simply javascript function it works, but when going back through jquery it doesnt? – Adam Tuliper - MSFT Feb 22 '12 at 17:02
Yes, "imgMeda.src = sourceUrl;" is where the change occurs. I'm not familiar with using fiddler, but by looking via FireFox's Developer tools, I can see the "src" attribute has changed correctly. Also, the correct "Action" in the controller is fired correctly after the "src" change, but the image just does not update. I'm now guessing that it may be because "" runs in its own thread while "imgMedia" runs on the UI thread.... just a guess. – fuzzlog Feb 22 '12 at 17:28

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