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I have an Android library that requires a BroadcastReceiver, which I register in an object constructor. It performs actions on that object based on changing internet state. But, I'm encountering error messages about a leaked receiver, because I don't call unregister.

How and where can I call unregister when I have no information on when the Activity would end? Since I am only providing the class that would be instantiated by an Activity, so no onPause, onClose methods.

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You could try saving your receiver in a static. I think only get this error if you register the same receiver twice.

If that fails, you might also try calling context.getApplicationContext().registerBroadcastReceiver() instead of using the activity context.

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using context.getApplicationContext() did the trick. Thanks! –  nicobatu Feb 22 '12 at 20:07
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Shouldn't you be extending Activity, working properly with Android's workflow, and then have your users extend your Activity?

It's just a suggestion, but it would definitely solve the problem you're describing since you could register the receiver on onCreate() and unregister it on onDestroy().

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