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I have the following code:

<%== "From:<br>" %>
<% if flag %>    
  <%= link_to user.full_name, user_path(:user => { :user_id => user_id }) %>
<% else %>

This works fine, except it outputs a newline and 6 tabs before the link.

                <a href="/user?...

This turns into 1 space on the HTML page, breaking the left alignment of the text.


Why is it outputting a newline and 6 tabs? Is there a way to suprress this behavior? Is there a CSS solution to create a <span> that will not display tabs as whitespace on the HTML page?

Working in rails 3.07.

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Rewrite your code this way:

<%= "From:<br>#{link_to(user.full_name, user_path(:user => { :user_id => user_id })) if flag}" %>
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I fixed it in CSS. I think this is a little more robust and allows more flexibility to make Rails code more readable.

Tested on Chrome, Firefox and IE 8 (on Windows).

user_name a {

By the way, the HTML code is in a td.

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