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I am trying to remove some data in a about 1500 lines. Here is my problem

            <a href="http:www.example.com">Text</a><br />random text<br />
            <a href="http:www.example.com">Text</a><br />slight different random text to the above<br />
            <a href="http:www.example.com">Text</a><br />slightly different again random text the above 2<br />

What i need to do is remove

            <br />slightly different again random text the above 2<br />

And everything in it. The problem is that the text changes every time. Is there a wildcard variable that i can use in the replace function?

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You could replace everything between <br /> and \n... though I don't know much about notepad++'s functionality –  Tim Gostony Feb 22 '12 at 2:19

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You can use the "Use regular expressions" option in the Find and Replace dialog. You'll need something like:

<br />.+?<br />
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try this regular expression in the find and replace dialog box

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