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I have to animate a UIImageView from a certain large width and height to a known smaller width and height in a given number of steps of time eg 10 steps or 20. I am using CGAffineTransformscale, but am unable to figure how how to compute the steps by which the individual downscales should happen. Is there a formula that you can share with me?

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At last, a practical use for logarithms.

Remember that

log(X^Y) = log(X) * Y


log(X) = log(X^Y) / Y


X = exp(log(X^Y) / Y)

In this case, X is the scale to make at each step. Y is the number of steps. X^Y is the total scale you want to make. For example,

Steps = 10;
TotalScale = 0.5;
ScaleEachTime = exp(log(TotalScale) / Steps);

gives (dots... because I am rounding off in the example)

              = exp(log(0.5) / 10)
              = exp(-0.693... / 10)
              = exp(-0.0693...)
              = 0.9330....

So scaling 10 times by 0.9330... gives a total scale of 0.5

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First of all, pls accept my deepest thanks for taking the time out to actually explain this. I'm sure I will not be forgetting this in a hurry! :-) This worked absolutely fine!!! I computed the Total scale based off the length and breadth difference between the source and the destination images and then applied the formula! –  inforeqd Feb 23 '12 at 3:51

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