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I have the following code which you're able to see what I am trying to do is add the form code inside the form but because the form changes ID, I wanted to use closest();

$("#contentarea").closest("form").html("some code");

DEMO http://jsfiddle.net/zQC2Q/

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You're going to need to provide more context to make this question answerable. How about posting your HTML? –  Colin Feb 22 '12 at 3:41
could you post an example with jsbin or jsfiddle? –  shanabus Feb 22 '12 at 3:41
Where is your html? And what do you expect? –  gideon Feb 22 '12 at 3:42
How can you ask this with a straight face? "jquery closest not working" you give no html, and the only jquery you use doesn't involve .closest() –  Sinetheta Feb 22 '12 at 3:51
woops I left that out sorry –  RussellHarrower Feb 22 '12 at 3:58

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Your code works if you choose jQuery in the left panel on your demo:


You had it left as Mootools

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