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i have a UIImageView object that i'm trying to get x coordinate of. I do this with code below

endingPoint.x = myObject.center.x;

Now, how can i do this if i have the same UIImageView inside of an array that i'm trying to loop through and get each object's x coordinate, some thing like below?

endingPoint.x = [posArray objectAtIndex:i].center.x;

I know it's a newbie question but i'm just starting with iOS.

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The best way is "test by yourself". For a newbie the best thing is practicing, check by do some coding. –  LebRon Feb 22 '12 at 4:41

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You're very close. objectAtIndex: however, returns objects of type id (a generic pointer to anything), so you may not call .center (property) on it.

You must send it a message using the brackets symbols like this:

endingPoint.x = [[posArray objectAtIndex:i] center].x;

or cast the value to (UIImageView *) first:

endingPoint.x = ((UIImageView *)[posArray objectAtIndex:i]).center.x;
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This would be done inside a for loop obviously. You can do it either in an Objective-C fast enumeration loop or in a standard for loop.

Fast enumeration loop would look something like this.

for (UIImageView *image in posArray) {
    endingPoint.x = image.center.x;
    // Do everything else you want to do with the UIImageView inside the array.
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This inside a loop should work:

endingPoint.x = [[posArray objectAtIndex:i] center].x;
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thanks, that's what i was looking for –  user1213042 Feb 22 '12 at 4:42


endingPoint.x = [[posArray objectAtIndex:i] center].x;


endingPoint.x = ((UIImageView *)[posArray objectAtIndex:i]).center.x;
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thanks guys, all those parenthesis and square brackets are so confusing to a newbie :( –  user1213042 Feb 22 '12 at 4:42

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