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For example groovy converts getSomeProperty() method to someProperty.

I need the same for my string. prefixMyString converted to myString. Is there standard way to do so?

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Also groovy manages upperCASEDParts well. I need it too. – guai Feb 22 '12 at 5:07

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Groovy doesn't actually convert getSomeProperty() into someProperty. It only converts the other way, turning someProperty into getSomeProperty()

It does this using the capitalize(String property) method on org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.MetaClassHelper. You can run this in the console to see it work:

// outputs 'FredFlintstone'

The full conversion, including adding set, get, or is, can be found in the class groovy.lang.MetaProperty, under the methods getGetterName and getSetterName.

To convert the other way, you'll have to write your own code. However, that's relatively simple:

def convertName(String fullName) {
    def out = fullName.replaceAll(/^prefix/, '')
    out[0].toLowerCase() + out[1..-1]

println convertName('prefixMyString') // outputs: myString
println convertName('prefixMyOTHERString') // outputs: myOTHERString

Just change the prefix to meet your needs. Note that it's a regex, so you have to escape it.

EDIT: I made a mistake. There actually is a built-in Java method to decapitalize, so you can use this:

def convertName(String fullName) {
    java.beans.Introspector.decapitalize(fullName.replaceAll(/^prefix/, ''))

It works nearly the same, but uses the built-in Java class for handling the decapitalization. This method handles uppercase characters a little differently, so that prefixUPPERCASETest returns UPPERCASETest.

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