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Is it possible to work with "OR" , "AND " Query operations in DynamoDB?

I need to know if DynamoDB has something like "where fname = xxxx OR lname = xxxx" from SQL queries? in Rails


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RTFM? The docs are a good place to find such answers. – Lior Cohen Feb 22 '12 at 5:12

In general, no.

DynamoDB only allows efficient lookup by primary(hash) key, plus optionally a range query on the "range key". Other attributes are not indexed.

You can use a Scan request to read an entire table filter by a set of attributes, but this is a relatively expensive and slow option for large tables.

You can simulate AND by creating a primary key that includes both values to be queried, and OR by creating duplicate tables that each use one attribute as their primary key, and querying both tables in parallel with BatchGetItem

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As BCoates mentioned the answer is NO.

If you want consistent read then you can't use BatchGetItem.

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No it not possible to Use 'OR' Operator, For example in KeyConditionExpression: '#hashkey = :hk_val AND #rangekey > :rk_val',

it Uses And Operator for matching the for bot HASH and RANGE Key.

There fore we cant use OR in Dynamo Db.

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