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I am using following code for fromDate and toDate in Jsp(struts2 application).

<s:label value="valid From* "/>
<sx:datetimepicker required="true" name="validFrom" displayFormat="dd/MM/yyyy"  />
<s:label value="Valid To * :" />
<sx:datetimepicker required="true" name="validTo" displayFormat="dd/MM/yyyy" />

Its is generating date in the specified format. I want to check the selected date values and if Todate is less than Fromdate have to show error message.

Can anyone help me to fix this issue. Thanks in Advance.

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Probably the most straight forward way is to implement Validateable which is probably easiest to do by extending ActionSupport. Note I changed "validFrom" to simply "from" and "validTo" to simply "to" in the following.

Then in your action you would write...

//Not tested
public void Validate(){
   //it is obvious that if one of these conditions is true the other will be as well
   //this is just to show the typical case of building up multiple field errors
   if (to.before(from)){
      addFieldError("to", getText("To date must be later than from date."));
   if (from.after(to)){
      addFieldError("from", getText("From date must be before to date."));

Since I like to opt for the simple theme you'll find you can get the field errors with http://struts.apache.org/ in case you want more control over where the error messages are placed.

For more information on validation please see: http://struts.apache.org/2.x/docs/validation.html

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