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I'm trying to use JClouds to talk to an OpenStack / swift storage cloud installation that only exposes a S3 API (it does not support the swift / rackspace API).

I tried:

Properties overrides = new Properties();
overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERTY_ENDPOINT, CLOUD_SERVIE_ENDPOINT);

// get a context with nova that offers the portable ComputeService api
BlobStoreContext context = new BlobStoreContextFactory().createContext("aws-s3", ident,
    password, ImmutableSet.<Module> of(), overrides);

The server replies with an authentication error 403. Using the standard AWS sdk or python boto works fine, so it's not a server problem, but most likely incorrect use of jclouds.

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Please close, turned out that the password I used was incorrect. Works with the correct password. – Carsten Feb 23 '12 at 23:25

jclouds in fact supports swift, so you don't need to do anything special. I'd recommend using jclouds 1.3.1, and configure the dependency org.jclouds.api/swift

Then, you just need to enter you endpoint, identity, credential

Properties overrides = new Properties();
overrides.setProperty("swift.endpoint", "");

BlobStoreContext context = new BlobStoreContextFactory().createContext("swift", "XXXXXX:YYYYY", "password", ImmutableSet.<Module> of(), overrides);
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JClouds does, but the swift installation I try to use does not. – Carsten Feb 23 '12 at 23:30

The following should work for you. It is known to work on vBlob, for example.

import static org.jclouds.s3.reference.S3Constants.PROPERTY_S3_VIRTUAL_HOST_BUCKETS;

     Properties overrides = new Properties();
     overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_S3_VIRTUAL_HOST_BUCKETS, "false");

     BlobStore blobstore = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(new S3ApiMetadata()) // or "s3"
                                         .credentials(accessKey, secretKey)

If your clone doesn't accept s3 requests at the root url, you'll need to set another parameter accordingly.

import static org.jclouds.s3.reference.S3Constants.PROPERTY_S3_SERVICE_PATH;

     overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_S3_SERVICE_PATH, "/services/Walrus");
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Thanks for your answer. Turned out to be a user error (see my comment). Unfortunately I can't delete the question and the moderators seem to be too busy. – Carsten Nov 22 '12 at 23:59

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