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I have a legacy database with encoding issues. I cannot fixing it without breaking a lot of stuff

But I still want to deal with it in my side django app (django 1.2)

I thought that subclassing CharField would be an awesome idea, so I did:

class EncCharField(models.CharField):
    __metaclass__ = SubfieldBase

    def to_python(self, value):
        v = super(EncCharField, self).to_python(value)
        return v.encode('windows-1252').decode('windows-1251')

Firtst I though it worked, but then I ran into another issue

I use this model in ModelForm and form.save, when it creates a model instance from form instance, calls EncCharField.to_python again, but this time with value encoded properly, so my encoding-decoding throws an exception and all dies

So. Is there any way to distinguish situations when models in initialized from DB vs from Form (or other valid object)?

And the second question, how to re-encode back (encode('windows-1251').decode('windows-1252')) prior to saving into the database?

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