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I am not very familiar with hadoop. So I want to play around with it to understand it better. Can I install hadoop on windows XP and do a Hello World in stand alone mode?

Note, my ultimate goal is to see if I can use it for an application I am developing. (The application will need to analyze lot of graph like data. I have the application POC written in PHP and using MySQL.)

Thanks in advance!

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It's better to start from Hadoop Quick Start documentation –  Juicy Scripter Feb 22 '12 at 6:22

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For Hadoop initial study :

Here, you can go through the MapReduce programs

Hadoop MapReduce programs

For your POC

a. PHP part

We can write map-reduce programs in PHP

MapReduce programs written in PHP

b. MySQL part

Use sqoop for import/export of tables from MySQL to HDFS ( Hadoop File system) and vice versa

Sqoop User Guide

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source is outdated. Apparently the blog is only available to invited users. –  Calebj Jul 30 '14 at 1:01

I found below article very useful Please follow instructions in the link. http://alans.se/blog/2010/hadoop-hbase-cygwin-windows-7-x64/#hadoop

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An easy way to install Hadoop is using Cloudera. Cloudera is not available for Windows, but you can download an Virtualbox or VMWare image and try it in a Virtual Box.


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